Philip Jeck – Sand

Philip Jeck

CD – Touch
This album is dedicated to the passing of Phyllis May Jeck, and the notes resonate in an extremely sensitive way, inspired by a resigned quietness, yet at the same time molded from a strong inwardness. Even if they’re elegiac, the tones reflect the devotion to daily simplicity. Jeck, in his radical and contemporary music, succeeds to modulate the main topics of ancient art, and their preoccupation with mortality. In his work, contemporary and archaic categories are intertwined. The album finds itself in a new dimension, expressing a unique sound, which unravels over 7 different tracks. They are manipulations of personal and collective memories, developed in mechanical and industrial textures, blown with celebratory and symphonic arias. Jeck’s is a really touching work; an accomplishment and crowning of an excellent career, which has been fully oriented towards the definition of new musical criteria.