Eric Kluitenberg – Delusive Spaces, Essays on Culture, Media and Technology

Eric Kluitenberg

book – NAi Publishers – ISBN-13: 978-9056626174
The specificity of Eric Kluitenberg’s writings is to easily cope with history of contemporary art, post-structuralist philosophy as well as with his informed knowledge of media. This text is the ideal extension of the former Kluitenberg edited “Book of imaginary media”, that gathered an excellent selection of media archeology research. Here the path extends in the personal realm of author’s fluent analysis and critics, tracing an expanded interconnected history of culture and technology. The “delusive spaces” seem to have infinite interesting ramifications, but their nature of hosting different entities gives them each time a peculiar texture. That’s also why it’s good that this compendium is purposely written not as a unifying essay with a thesis, but with different perspectives, that can be read even discontinuously. The utopian potential sometimes arises in its full effect, and then the vision is enthralling. Sometimes it’s just an enlightening connection that leads to different view of a cultural object. But the overall experience is certainly worth a careful and pleasurable reading.