Davor Mikan – Täushung

Davor Mikan

CD – Cronica Electronica
Graphic tools and granular synthesis: this is Davor Mikan’s compositional horizon, with twisted, surly and abstract radical sonorities, but once more modulated to construct a narrative with strong emotional characteristics. This seems to be the result of the arrangements and their complicated structures, playing with contrasts, and finely researching juxtapositions of different elements. Drones and patterns in perennial relationship are moving in a continuos flow among surrounding electronic tensions, noises and electroacoustic improvisations. These compositions were made in the last four years, summing up a mixture of algorithms and personal experiments, and catalysing the listener to accomplish an aural saturation (using microphones and minimal scores). The Austrian-Bosnian composer draws soundscapes that are often uncomfortable, but still somehow familiar, outcome of purely human feelings, of a chaotic energy, and of some reckless traits that are still enhancing our own condition.