Carter Tutti – Feral Vapours Of The Silver Ether

Carter Tutti

CD – Conspiracy International
This is the second album after changing the old moniker (Chris & Cosey) for this duo who, together with Genesis P-Orridge and Peter Christopherson, formed the famous Throbbing Gristle combo. The adjective ‘feral’ in the title notwithstanding, the dilated atmospheres in the eleven tracks of this project are never over the top or aggressive, something that would be reminiscent of the seminal digital rage of this group. Indeed, the sounds, very delicate and dream-like, with very measured vocals, bring a sense of inner calm, which is unusual and ethereal if compared with the traditional iconoclastic attitude of this duo, who’s now concentrated on electro-folk atmospheres, elegiac and poetic, crystal-clear in the melancholic and ambient cuts which signal a new period and an artistic maturity which is often difficult to achieve when the impact of what you’ve done in the past is still strongly perceptible in the present.