Tinnitus Tamer, electronic aural homeopathy


VAVAsoft is an unusual software house: its two applications seem to be the outcome of creator’s real needs more than the outcome of some market-driven strategies. Tinnitus Tamer is a tone generator replicating in a very flexible and precise way the tinnitus phenomenon produced by our neuronal ear system. The concept behind the software is: the shift between silence and tinnitus-like sounds would train our brain to adapt and assimiliate the sound, somehow “eliminating” the problem. The principle which here artificially produces the tinnitus is believed to be very similar to the organic one. The sound is generated by positive feedback between inappropriate axon connections. The same way positive feedback in electric circuits produce similar sounds. The software is pretty simple but at the same time versatile. It blends in the three different frequency ranges (low, middle, high) whose volume and frequencies can be individually adjusted. There are also nine available slots to record different configurations and 3 different emission methods (pure, sweep, noise). The software homeopathyc approach is engaging, trying to lower the tinnitus influence on our attention. It let us become more familiar with it, slowly slipping in the background, till it almost fades away. Nevertheless the intentions seem to be focused in exploiting human being ability to survive and adapt to extreme and very different conditions. Actually this approach lies in the western medicine patterns which usually cure the symptoms more then the causes. The symptom removal, in this case its masking and disguise, does not really affect its source, but it might induce a mutation to let it function in different ways.

Tony Canonico