Scorn – Stealth


CD – Ad Noiseam

Gloomy bases, vibrant drones and sharp beats, faithful to his own electronic imprinting, Mike Harris, five years after his latest studio album, is back with the Scorn moniker, calibrating obscure downtempo rhythms, oppressive and industrial sounds which deeply remodel the cornerstones of dub. Purged from any groove influence, in a sort of coherent minimalism applied to tangled mysterious constructions, the sounds manipulated here produce fascinating threads, subdued echoes and stronger reverbs, producing a compact and totalizing listening experience. The results of such an approach are black or white: these atmospheres either captivate or repel completely. Nonetheless, in addition to the mere enjoyment of his music, Mike Harris’ contribution to the return to slow and low sounds in club music must be considered. These field is now swept by the winds of dubstep, grime and other things which still lack a name but have got the clear intention to bring experimentalism to the everyday streets and music.