CM von Hausswolff + Thomas Nordanstad – Two Films

CM von Hausswolff + Thomas Nordanstad

DVD – Errant Bodies

These two projects by CM Von Hausswolff and Thomas Nordanstad, an electronic music maker specialized in field recordings and drone music and a creative filmmaker specialized in short films and video installations, follow the communication strategies used traditionally by Errant Bodies, a label dedicated to the interactions of sounds and spaces, particularly regarding architecture themes, such as the urban landscape, and ‘site-specific’ themes, on the border between documentarism and audio-video experiment.

In ‘Hashima, Japan 2002’, the subject of research is the island bearing the same name, an ex mining zone in front of Nagasaki, which, in the last century, was the object of an ‘industrial colonization’ project by Mitsubishi corporation. The island of Hashima, one of the most densely populated zones on the planet in the Fifties (835 people per hectare), was completely abandoned in the Seventies, due to the mines being closed. It’s an extreme non-place, mostly uninhabitable, a dystopic proof of the theorem stating that future society has already enacted its processes in the present time. It’s a memorial to the retreat of capitalism, with no residual people left behind, collapsed due to profit implosion, with no worries or guilt feelings for these people’s lives and destinies.

This investigation is articulated in two different versions, one more documentary, commented by one of the original residents who goes back to the places of his youth, the other abstract and denser, also in the music, which is ethereal and experimental. The other work by this duo is also remarkably interesting (though less powerful): it’s centered on the ancient oasis of ‘Al Qasr’, in Egypt, another leftover space, equally uninhabitable and desolate, a reality emerging out of particular architectural morphologies due to the presence there of a primary raw material (coal or water). In this work, the soundtrack, is permeated by subtle exoticisms, with flavors and voices taken from the local tradition.