Mixed by Dj Nanou – Minimalismo Italiano

Mixed by Dj Nanou, Minimalismo Italiano

This isn’t a simple mix collection. Under the ‘Minimalismo Italiano’ brand there’s a laboratory of ideas, a music and aesthetic project bprn to encourage new artistic expressions. It took shape in Rome, in a multifunctional space made out of an old bakehouse. The Atelier35, with its essential architectural lines, will serve as a home base to the equally stylized manipulations of this ensemble that refers to the Italian Electronic Culture Association. After the opening by Dj Nanou, supported by Davide Rossillo, this endeavor contains the contributions of other important musicians and DJs, both nationwide and worldwide famous. Truly avant-garde sounds, topped by the productions by Giorgio Gigli, Donato Dozzy and Phutura.