L-R & RadioMentale – I Could Never Make That Music Again

L-R & RadioMentale

CD – Sub Rosa/Audioglobe
This is a ‘concept album’, as people used to call them, or a metalinguistic operation (or metanarrative, if you prefer, in the spirit that, in cinema, made directors like Wim Wenders famous). It’s a refined operation, completely aligned with the inspiration of the Sub Rosa label, which already dabbled with deconstruction-contamination between philosophies and soundscapes, multiplying aesthetics and interpretations in complex chains. These elaborations are sharp interviews ‘involving’ several big names of the electronic scenes (both old and new musicians: Steve Reich, Ryoji Ikeda, Aphex Twin, and dj-producers coming from dance or ‘hybrid’ backgrounds, like Matthew Herbert, A Guy Called Gerald, Andrea Parker, Coldcut, Mixmaster Morris, and also authors-scholars like David Toop or the HAM radio operator Fred Judd, sound engineer at BBC in the sixties, who’s ‘detourned’ in the intro). Of course everything is presented with carefully chosen background sounds, cut by Jean-Yves Leloup (L-R) and Jean-Philippe Renoult (Radiomentale), with sequences initially composed for a radio-art show on the Parisian radio FG.