Andy Vaz – Repetitive Moments Last Forever …

Andy Vaz

CD – Persistence Bit/Audioglobe

Maybe this isn’t the best moment for the minimal scenes, due to a certain overexposure (particularly apparent in a metropolis like Berlin, the sacred land of most European techno productions, where you don’t have to be an expert to be aware of this annoying saturation). Everybody’s looking for something new and the borders of every musical genre are becoming blurry, waiting for the next big change. Andy Vaz, too, one of the most sincere and authentic minimal musicians in Europe, in some recent interviews complains (and rightly so, in our opinion) not about the lack of diversity, but about its excess, that opportunistically puts everything together under the same label. For such a seminal and original artist, it mustn’t be easy to deal with a situation which, if it’s not compromised, it’s at least deeply marked by a phony adherence to the (deep) reasons of minimalism in music. ‘Repetitive Moments Last Forever…’, even in its title, seems to lament the uselessness of a labor that was just about to give its fruits, even though there were many very earnest people involved, like Persistence Bit, a label directed by Alessandro Vaccaro who, with farsightedness, has made this album possible, refraining from the market logic. It’s another example of Vaz’s click’n’glitch catalogue, mitigated by deep soulful influences, reminiscent of its black music origins, and the funky, sexy and embracing sound that is now its more intelligent interpretation.