Ceephax – Ceephax Volume One


CD – Rephlex

Make no mistake, Andy Jenkinson does everything by himself, in his private studio, adding neo-acid flair and dissonant attitudes to crude devices. Home audio-abuse that jokingly celebrates Jean Michel Jarre (Rephlex can afford this) but really is more ‘hardcore raver’. Depraved and itchy sequences dedicated to machine ethics, where the differences between a ‘Toxico Gang’ and a ‘Texaco Gang’ are few. Schizoid dance that juxtaposes alien melodies and old TB303, in an abstract and parasitic way, assimilating the latest tendencies in its passages between different atmospheres, but walking a hard and sharp path. Because, if one isn’t into street music, these aren’t records that can be bought for pure intellectual enjoyment. Or are they? Anyway, very interesting material to be handled with care.