10 years of Neural online (+ special subscription offer to celebrate).


In the morning of 31 May 1997 (it was a saturday) the first Neural webpages were uploaded via ftp on a friend’s server. A simple ‘online update’ with some brief news and reviews was coded in html for the occasion and for the first time put on the net (including a small downloadable shareware able to trigger brief visual hallucinations. Seeing webpages, pictures and even an animated gif banner with familiar content was quite strange in the beginning, and the concept of data that can be reached anytime from all over the world was stunning in itself. At that time, the website was updated every two weeks, but from november 2000 it became daily updated. It’s also worth to mention that after starting the English edition, we won an Honorary Mention in Prix Ars Electronica 2004 (net.vision category). So 10 years later the platform of choice has become Movable Type, serving a community of 150.000 unique users per month visiting the website, made with our passion and enthusiasm still untouched.
To celebrate this event, there’s a link to the amazing software we included in the first issue. It’s causing a short hallucination, kicking your sense of deepness through an optical illusion. It’s called
Pinwheel (for PC). And furthermore we also offer a free original Neural issue #1 (printed in 1993, language: Italian) to everyone who will subscribe or renew within a week (so till June 7th midnight). Be quick to grab one of the last copies of this quite rare issue!