[the] xxxxx [reader]

the xxxxx reader

xxxxx/OpenMute – ISBN 0955066441
Well placed in the underground tradition of obscure and fascinating books, this anthology edited by the Berlin-based collective xxxxx take the challenge to conceptually intertwine two different sign domains: programming code and word. The book is defined by its authors as ‘a radical, new space for artistic exploration’ and reading it it’s sometimes like a make a dive in dark waters with strange hybrid literary beasts popping up. The ‘life coding’ principle on which the selection is based, seem to embed in real life visions the many properties of coding both verbal and non-verbal sense: manipulative, iterative, mystic, magical and (eventually) plagiarist. Fighting the rationalist capitalism huge power could mean to reappropriate words and the way of generating discourses, inspired by the machine methods of mediating our natural language structures. So, are we already used to theories like the ‘World as interface’ one? Code, used as a reality hacking tool, more than a mere productive one, will let us know.