Neural 29 extra, Ludic Society 5 + fm3 sticker

Ludic Society

Ludic Society, GoApe Issue #5, Feb 08, 16 pages, ISBN 390238901X
A Branch to Fishkill
Continous Plea for Playsure… Epilogue – La nue remontante l’escalier
Resistance is Futile – Futility is Resistenace! Objects of Desire Repertoire – Marguerite Charmante
Joujou de la Vie: Objects of Wonder and Desire as Hidden LUD/D/IC Tradition – Grete Ludologica
The God Particle – A Secret History, A report prepared for the Ludic Society – By Roÿa
Poor Peenemunde/ 2 – Martin Howse
The Conspiracy of Duality: Aping with teh Monkey Mind – the rev. i.d. McConville
De Krypten Avatar, Liberate Your Avatar from Yourself – Ilias Marmaras
Subverting Reputation Systems, Clash of the Free Wireless Spectrum – Jonah Brucker Cohen
Con Secrecy – The Quality of the Liminal: Play Between Matter and Spirit – Martha Blassnigg

“(Ludics) tantalisingly offers a new approach to understanding play through the process of play itself. Here we find play used as a conceptual catalyst for theoretical thought. In drawing on the ‘pataphysical, it presents a parody of scientific and philosophical conceptions, or a science of emerging solutions, that functions as playfulness itself.” (Westecott/Jahn-Sudmann)

The black sticker is from Chinese group FM3 and represent the production parts forming their very popular Buddha Machine.