Glitch Browser, browsing with corrupted pictures.

Glitch Browser

There’s a hidden ecosystem under the trumpeted broadband explosion. The disturbance element of the data transmission that went wrong are natural events that belong to the net as the water losses of water are of the water systems. Glitch Browser is project been born from a collaborative experience of Dimitre Lima (DMTR), Tony Scott (BEFLIX) and Iman Moradi (Organised) for the New Langton Arts Gallery of San Francisco. It’s a server side software that decodes web pages, giving it back with the pictures ‘damaged’ like if they had been transmission errors. The iconographic apparatus, so necessary to draw users attention, as even the spammers asserts, is then technically glitched. It’s as if you had a new level of code interposed between the machine and the (helpless) user. In this way the imperfection becomes an aesthetic tone and the missing pieces make the underlying structure visible. Light is shed on the machine and its operation, and, at the same time, the patina that covers the electronic layouts is corroded by its own nature.