Sonic Fiction, Synaesthetic Videos from Austria

Sonic Fiction

There are still cultural phenomena that are prosperously developed in a delimited territory, even in current times, when we experience connections with far distant cultures and behaviors. This is evident looking at the flourishing of audio/video abstract synaesthesia in Austria during the last decade. But even if the production of forms networked with sounds (often but not always through software) is not a Viennese (and surroundings) privilege, here there’s an aesthetic attitude that plentifully produces a sort of works of ‘visual acoustics’. It’s not just a question of simply deriving a process from the iconic language practice, as the old sequencer one, but also to develop works that put one’s experience of the information design to good use. The austrian abstraction has been already investigated more than once, as in the all-inclusive exhibition Abstraction Now, made at the Vienna’s Künstlerhaus in 2003. It represent an important chapter in the systematic formulation of the contemporary electronic music, pervaded with the infinite media culture formal cues.