Spin, liquid mediation (tele) visual.


The deconstruction of the medium of television is often based on a radical intervention in respect of its fundamental mechanism: the continuous entertainment and hypnotic based on frequent changes of light and color. His unilaterally recognized the role of persuader of consciences through the sales pitch of the senses, achieved through a narcotic content has bulimia, now more than ever, means and approaches to be taken apart and used as input for other purposes. Spin Liz Nofziger is a 'work that simply puts an extra level visual connection between the video and the viewer projecting television content on a' disco ball 'of enormous size which rotates continuously in the confined space of a gallery and it therefore reflects the same content on the walls, illuminating. The above mechanisms are thus liquefied in the facets of the 'ball' that funky trinkets becomes mediator of view, dividing the image into tiles that (s) make up the walls. In this way the tricks to attract to itself the looks on the screen are exploited to generate admirable effects and transform the visual information flows in abstract sequences.