Spin, liquid (tele)vision mediation


The tv medium’s deconstruction is often based on a radical intervention on its essential mechanism: continous and hypnotic entertainment based on frequent light and color changes. TV has the universally acknowledged role of awareness’ persuader, through the allurance of senses, obtained with a narcotic bulimia of contents. Now more than ever there are tools and approached that can dismatle and exploit this role as an input for different purposes. Spin by Liz Nofziger is a work that simply add another visual level between the screen and the viewer, beaming the tv contents onto an enormous ‘disco ball’, endless rotating in the restricted space of a gallery, reflecting the same contents on the walls, and so illuminating them. The above mentioned mechanisms are then liquified in the ball’s facets, and the same ball evolves from a funky knick-knacks to a visual mediator, splitting pictures in pieces that are (dis)composed on the wall. Then the stratagems to direct the viewer’s attention on the screen are exploited to generate marvellous effects and transform the visual information fluxes in abstract sequences.