Holding Pattern, screensavers kinematic.

Holding Pattern

The time consumed by a screen saver is a time of turns, lost in the doldrums of the user, interrupted and resumed at a discontinuous and undefined manifest. A marginal time that scrolls automatically and silently accumulates its wealth of images displayed in the monitor alone. Holding Pattern Cathy Davies is the first of a planned series of screensavers 'cinematic', as defined by its author. Show from time to time various perspectives of visions from aircraft windows with panorama below flowing slowly, as in reality. The repetitiveness of his fragmented show immerses him in different contexts for environment (time of day) and predisposition (mood of the user). And in this way the mute slide of a realistic view that the authors define as 'peripheral vision', gives us a glimpse of a reality familiar to anyone who has taken a plane, and abstract at the same time as its similarity with dozens of similar summary visions places it in a built confidentiality. The invisible artificiality generated by the machine, then tricks the eye and the mind and follows a nice vision and fictitious.