(((Controller-band + Pez Orchestra, playful sound interfaces.

Controller Band

The use of physical interfaces to produce sound compositions is a practice that draws on the endless possibilities of connecting and programming of electronic devices to a PC. Among these are objects to which we have been accustomed to appropriately exploited in their basic features offer new expressive possibilities, although especially suited to use live (ie choreography). The Controller Band formed by Berliners Michael and Thomas Wilhelmi Kusitzky it is a shining example, as the duo uses only joystick and game controller to 'play' heterogeneous samples also sufficiently long (up to 40 seconds). Here we note a spatial directionality arbitrarily attributed to the sounds and perceived execution. This contrasts with the approach of the French Anne Laforet who built a delicious Pez Orchestra as the opening of the famous candy containers active as many sounds, which are coordinated by the phalanges of the performer, in a bizarre series of colorful and noisy untap and abrupt changes aids. In both cases the instintualità date dall'annoso use of the instrument conditions the main component, ie, the gestures of performance, as important as its sound results.