Sound Mapping, peripatetic sound.

The mobile intervention within the urban area is one of the popular sizes being explored by visual artists and sound. The spatial location of the works within the places normally enjoyed in a different way, introduces new sound waves into resonances and difficult to quantify, not to mention the natural influence on neurons of its inhabitants. Sound Mapping is a participatory sound work designed to be enjoyed outdoors, without being tied to a specific location. Consists, in fact, in four suitcases 'trolley' that emit sounds in response to the architecture surrounding, and who are conscious of their position through a GPS system, besides being sensitive also to the presence of other human beings. In this way, the sounds become entities peripatetic, responsive and 'physical', being able to instinctively engage those around you, thanks to their recognizable shape issuer. They 'objectify' being able to be recognized as protagonists of daily living in the same urban spaces.