Media Activism Vs. Republican National Convention.

These days The face of media activism that protest against the Republican National Convention in New York? incredibly numerous and varied. Dozens of projects, actions, tools are put in place to consolidate a vast movement in the United States has decided to come out of the closet publicly against the ravings of a President (Bush) from delusions of omnipotence that will not re-elected. From TXTmob , the tool developed by the Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) to facilitate communication in groups through SMS, the t-shirt Signal Orange , leading printed in evidence of the sort of epitaphs of the dead in Iraq and why can not vote in November, up to Operation Urban Terrain designed by Anne-Marie Schleiner and a team of women ready to stage on the walls of palaces simulation of military games. But c '? also a Dissention Convention organized by, with artists such as Glowlab , Helen Varley Jamieson , Lacook Lewis , who will create live performances focused on the negative influences of the government policy of lies, hosted dall'RNC Node at Postmasters Gallery and other places, and 'Stop Wars' the virtual sit-in put on by Ricardo Dominguez. All the while the military of the Federal Protective Service, like robocop weds were equipped with wireless video cameras in the helmets who send their streaming video vans within which strategic decisions are made.