Homeland Insecurity Advisory System (HIAS).

The paranoia for 'national alert levels' is a prerogative of American culture, where the alarm to the nation, extremely useful tool to instantly revive a vacuous patriotic spirit, has in recent years become a sadly accepted practice within policy of continuous narcotic panic in the background. To convert these control practices in ridiculous automatically generated are the creators of ' Homeland Insecurity Advisory System (HIAS) . Developed, in fact, by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and the artist who calls himself 'U.S. Department of Art & Technology', is an indicator costiuto generated by software, which allows you to define through a collective rating of news of the major U.S. sources, carried out through the RSS protocol, the level of American national security (Threat Advisory System) , which is a representation aesthetically identical, but highly ironic in alarm codes adopted. The perspective is reversed: it is the citizen to express alarm about the level of stupidity shown by the government through its frightful media representations. This fun community effort becomes a collective consciousness and, at the same time, a demonstration of distributed distrust of a policy so catastrophic. The arbitrariness of a panic induced deleterious strategy is then reversed, in a healthy, mocking its principals and creating antibodies communication distributed.