Personal Orchestra, the orchestra in sequencing.

One of the personal dreams of ordinary people, as shown by one of the first interactive games present at the Sony Center in Berlin, is to be able to control an orchestra in a personal way. Derived from a delirium of omnipotence post New Year's concert or an overestimation of the computing power of computers, this ambition strays from the fields dell'amatore and goes to tickle the fancies of the artist sound with a band of professional musicians at his disposal. Personal Orchestra is a software that aims to make up for all that, with a price not cheap ($ 250) promises an easy learning curve and excellent performance. While valid, at any rate, as a simulation, however, lacks mention some basic elements that go beyond the promises of goodness of sampling and sequencing fastness, namely that non-repeatability conduct and coordination between different musicians that characterizes this type of cultural workers. On the other hand a product like this comes at a good law in the wake of the sophisticated algorithmic representations of complex artistic phenomena, marketed as a panacea to our inherent limitations and able to unleash the ambitions of too many entrepreneurs in the saving of human energy.