Summary Electronic Arts Festival 2003.

It takes place on 6 and 7 December at the Museo degli Esposti The Wheel of Naples, the second edition of the Summary Electronic Arts Festival 2003 . Already since last year it was obvious musical vocation of the event this year, which confirms a peculiar attention to the sound. A wide range of workshops ('live soundpaintings' Daniela Bruni, 'art and synesthesia' Joan Alfano, Limit Zero , 'Soundtoys' of Tonne, 'art electronics and artificial intelligence' of Luigi Pagliarini) frame the various installations proposals: 'active metaphore' of the same limit to Zero, 'ACUSMATIC room # 6 Ton haus' by Francisco Lopez & Klaus Schuwerk, 'ums' of White – Valente , '35 / mm 'and' Apocrypha 'and of Fällt' Post War Scenario Electronic Machine With Self-Reflection 'by Luigi Pagliarini. To complete the full program also videos of Tina Frank / Mego, and concerts of CoH, Francisco Lopez, Si-Cut.Db, Mou, Lips!, Frame and many others.