v2v, a Video Sharing Syndicate Conspiracy.


24.09.03 v2v, a Video Sharing Syndicate Conspiracy.

Moving pictures are the latest medium implemented on a computer, due to the computing power required. They are, nonetheless, the most fascinating medium, both for its capability to simulate reality and for our irreversible addiction to television. Moreover, the sharing of videos on p2p networks has become popular thanks to the availability of broadband access and is reaching the numbers of music sharing. v2v is a project by one of the Indymedia.de groups aimed at promoting a free and independent use of audio and video materials, with the long term goal to build a sustainable and scalable infrastructure. The videos shared on bittorrent, gnutella and ed2k networks are complete with metadata written in xml/rss to make them easily searchable. The authors have also chosen a license, whose main point is to allow the users to freely assemble and disassemble material. It’s a practice aimed at taking back the cinematic production of the previous generations, permitting a collective narration and sharing resources and abilities using nodes and networks. Peer-to-peer networks are rising as independent infrastructures, autonomous (or at least less controlled) sub-networks which continuously fragment and rebuild the information.