File 2003 electronic language international festival.

It will close on August 23 at the Paço das Art of São Paulo File 2003 electronic language international festival , which this year than ever seeks to celebrate the many potential anarchist networks and phenomena that within them there arise spontaneously bypassing strict technical and institutional , without any control that manages to irregimentarli. A large section of the network includes many art works selected products such as Memory Plains Returning , 32,000 points of light , Frédéric Durieu and his Puppet Tool , the Ballettikka Internettikka Igor Stromajer, Jessica Looseby , Trashlog , Oculart , Flying Puppet , Lia ( who made ​​the centerfold in the number 20 of Neural printed) and Natalie Bookchin with ' The Intruder '. Part of the program are also thirty conferences, with guests such as Mark Amerika , Simon Biggs , Tom Corby and Gavin Baily and an extensive overview of national intellectuals who deal with art and media languages. In perfect synergy, and finally a parallel festival sound (File Hipersonica) takes place in the evenings and night with sound installations, performances, concerts, DJ and VJ sets including international presences such as Derek Holzer + Sara Kolster, Vj Vitascope and Black Hole.