[R] – [R] – [F] Festival, an event born dall'artworking.

[R] – [R] – [F] Remembering, repressing, Forgetting ? a festival to more online? versions (this one? the 1.0), the result of the activity of co-ordinated international artists and curators. RRF, "Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity", has the peculiarity of being born and living on-line and to be an art project that is based on the practice of networking, or rather, dell'artworking. The festival? developed, designed and programmed by Agricola de Cologne, artist and curator of art and new media expert active in Germany. The central idea? virtually to invite several international curators who specialize in the area of ​​new media art, which in turn have selected a group of artists whose work is deemed related to the theme of the conference. The festival? particularly interesting for practical lattice which triggers: growing in the form of procedure in different versions, progressively combines the work of curators and artists chosen according to the central theme of the event. This process rhizomatic structure of life in a constantly changing always visible through the new nodes that are formed, highlighting the different memory and virtual connections. These, they go to characterize the structure of the festival and at the same time that the site that is up to generate a universe of collective memories in progressive network. Internet is used not only for its structural properties and performance, but also for its ability to be seen as an infinite database in which the memory is created, it disperses and relives. Among the editors of version 1.0, Fran Ilich (Mexico), Wilton Azevedo (Brazil), Anna Hatziyannaki (Greece), Branca Bencic (Croatia), Vincent Makowski (France), Eugeny Umansky (Russia), Catherine Davino (Italy), Agricultural Melody Parker Carter and De Cologne (Germany). Tatiana Bazzichelli