Decode, juxtapose traditional art and media.

Continue until September 9 at the Ateneo Art Gallery in Manila (Philippines), Decode , a unique exhibition that wants to talk to the permanent collection of the National Museum of Modern Art with different expressions of media art. The juxtaposition of artifacts from the acquired techniques (painting, sculpture) and techniques with still plenty of room for definition and testing (software, retouched images, sounds compressed), puts profitably dialogue between two seemingly distant worlds, but they share a 'decoding' of the real made from different perspectives. Curated Lasay of the very active Fatima, the exposure is able to relate works of art from a broad context in which tradition and innovation play on the same floor, bracing each other and weaving the respective peculiarities of expression. Among the works selected media in this series of artistic pairs are: 'textension' Josh Nimoy, a generator of sentences obtained one character past the accustomed metaphor of the typewriter, the abstract constructions of spaces of 'Spatial Inquiries' of Bong Segovia, the sound of Batch83 and Element, the alchemy in photoshop Carl Chua 'MonkeyPark', the relationship between the verb and the sound of AJ Dimarucot in 'Celsius', the animated paintings by Mik Gococo in 'Kingdom', the architectures in collision tridiemnsionale of Denmark Yaneza in 'Quagmire v4', and the trailer for flashes of Harold Khan in 'Everything has to Start'.