The Insecurities Project, fragments of an insecure world.

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10:02:03 The Insecurities Project, fragments of an insecure world.
Our habits are deeply marked by the idea that the danger may be around the corner ~. After September 11, we are now fully accompanied by laws and rules of behavior that point to ensure our "safety". With the risk of feeling constantly under control. The Canadian artist Isabelle Devos, has turned this "politics of insecurity" in an international artistic project. Insecurities The Project collects the pictures taken by travelers at airports to show that the cameras are not weapons in their possession. A photo gallery presents these fragments captured on the instant all over the world, metaphorically expressing the social situation "under control" in which we live. is also interesting to think about what is being photographed in these circumstances: a friend, the airport lounge, the floor, a particularly any … fragments of life without importance in the artist's website live again in a new form.
Tatiana Bazzichelli