edited by Marc Garrett & Yiannis Colakides – Frankenstein Reanimated: Creation & Technology in the 21st Century


Torque Editions / Furtherfield / NeMe, ISBN 978-0993248764, English, 296 pages, 2022, UK

The printed format is becoming increasingly popular for enhancing, disseminating and archiving content related to art exhibitions and cultural initiatives, possibly as much because of the urgent need for funding programmes as because of its convenient, stable and accessible format. This edited collection of texts and images emerged from a series of three exhibitions in which the editors and their respective institutions (NeMe and Furtherfield) collaborated extensively between Limassol and London. The format has been freed from the usual constraints and includes many interviews and conversations with the artists and the curators, but also research experiments (Salvaggio), an exhibition review (Verwaal) and further essays. The title, Frankenstein Reanimated, not only defines an overarching concept, but also establishes a central reference point. The Frankenstein novel and its symbolic dynamics are seen as a particularly powerful model for today. It embodies “irresponsible creation”, the technological monsters we create (should unregulated AI software be mentioned here?) and their devastating impact on nature. It also evokes the technological ability to create artefacts, which is what this selection of well-known critical artists do, offering a variety of voices that reflect their respective works and the curatorial concept.