Neural 27, Copyright Guerrilla


Issue 27, summer 2007

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Free: centerfold ‘netPong’ by Oriol Ferrer Mesià.

new media art

.Cornelia Sollfrank interview.
.Arthur Kroker interview.


Mire.project, Journal, Wordie, Email Clock Independent Robotic Community.



E.Kluitenberg – Book of Imaginary Media, Bent Object + FoAM – In Human Format, City2City, Electronic Literature Collection 1, At the Edge of Art, Words in Flux, GameScenes, Designing Interactions.


.Girl Talk interview.
.Kim Cascone interview.
.Alex McLean, Live Coding interview.


SoniColumn, Deep House for Symphonic Band and Choir, Ambient Addition, Breadboard Band, Forester.



Vj, RT-32 Acoustic Space Lab, Synken, We Are All Drifting, 7ft_Konka, Women Take Back The Noise.

.cd reviews

Muslimgauze, @C, Funkstorung, Johan Johannsson, Kim Cascone, Nathan Davis, Mattin, Giuseppe Ielasi, Rosy Parlane, Strange Attractor vs Disinformation, Eric La Casa, Freiband, Flim, The Alps, Cagesan, Chris Watson & Bj Nilsen, Peter Rehberg, Marc Behrens and Paolo Raposo, Nick Didkovsky, Blotnik Brothers.


.Pirate Bay legal response style
.Thieves of the Invisible
.An Education and Labor Dispatchby Trebor Scholz


PigeonBlog, Fake Progress Bar, View Finder Heatmap, Ad Generator, Logo.Hallucination.



[the] xxxxx [reader], M.White – The Body and the Screen, H. Wagenbreth – Cry for Help, 36 scam Emails from Africa, F.Snelting+P.Westenberg – The Language of Sharing, T. Hansen – What Does Public Mean?.