Radio Noise Collective – Extended Stereo


CD – Fibrr

When a medium is subject to détournement, it is removed from its ordinary use to perform another function, consequently, it loses its original characteristics, culture, and specific linguistic codes, becoming an orphan of its own extensions. Radio engages a significant proportion of humanity and affects, as McLuhan noted, ‘most intimately, person-to-person, offering a world of unspoken communication between writer-speaker and the listener’. French collective Apo33 (Jenny Pickett and Julian Ottavi) promotes this same archaic essence of this communication tool and with Radio Noise Collective challenge listener’s perceptions, pointing towards a new world of sound and image. The album has two tracks, ‘Accelerum Megahertz’ and ‘Circuit Krusher’, 23 and 32 minutes long respectively, both full of distortion, dissonance, beats and various insane frequency modulations. There are also some more musical sounds that are kept at a low volume, and which sometimes overlap with each other, interspersed with fragmented speech. This is abrasive and unforgiving work, or, to quote Ballard, ‘noise, noise, noise… (is) the greatest single disease-vector of civilization’.


Radio Noise Collective – Extended Stereo/strong>