edited by Joanna Zylinska with Goldsmiths Media – The Future of Media


Goldsmiths Press, ISBN 978-1913380144, English, 400 pages, 2023, UK

The pace of change in the ever-shifting global ecology of media has increased dramatically with the ubiquitous role of social media-driven smartphones. Information flows have mutated into something delivered at unprecedented speed, in most cases without filters and in indigestible piles. This book was printed during the pandemic when our collective sense of the future was in deep crisis. Yet it lays out a comprehensive scenario from the perspective of teachers and researchers working at the famous media department at Goldsmiths University of London. The chapters take a materialist approach to not only traditional audio and visual media, but also media systems such as the city, feminism, queer, dance, digital humanitarianism, and so on. The analysis in most of the essays is stimulating and overall offers a collection of critical media studies perspectives that cover a wide range of topics but maintain an internal cohesion, which is also a consequence of situatedness. The book ends with a masterfully written afterword by Sean Cubitt that sublimates the spirit of such a collection by inserting some key elements into a radical and highly informative trajectory that, while acknowledging some of the possible bleak scenarios we face, also makes room for the openness of the future by definition and our potentially active role within it.