edited by Miguel Carvalhais, André Rangel, Luísa Ribas, Mario Verdicchio – The Book of X, 10 Years of Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X


i2ADS, ISBN 978-9899049253, English, 376 pages, 2022, Portugal

xCoAx is an itinerant and international conference on “Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X”. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the editors have published this reader and asked participants to write essays about an ‘X’ related to their research. This ‘X’, which changes with each annual iteration, is the ambiguous signature of this conference, symbolising the intersection of the deterministic and quantitative principles of computation with the immaterial and qualitative realms of communication and art. From Lyotard to @PepitoTheCat, from platforming and climate change to ‘esolangs’ (esoteric programming languages), the essays crystallise the heterogeneity of approaches within a clearly defined field. About a third of the nearly 380 pages are devoted to colour reproductions of the artworks and performances that have been an important part of the conference programme from the beginning. These complement the research findings, but also embody the community spirit of the conference, its focused and extensive international network. The ‘X’ remains true to its ambiguous nature and offers much space to be further explored in future editions. Nevertheless, the many articulations in this (freely downloadable) publication are a work that transcends the collective experience involved and defines precise resources and original pathways.