VV.AA. – Tresor: True Stories – The Early Years


Tresor, ISBN 978-3985954773, English, 352 pages, 2022, Germany

Techno and Berlin just go together. This alliance has influenced a worldwide movement of music, aesthetics, technology and culture that has shaped an entire generation. In the city, a few epicentres have had a significant cultural impact. The Tresor Club is certainly one of them. This book is an archival text published on the occasion of the club’s 30th anniversary, gathering well-curated material that expresses its referential role. The story is told through full-page illustrations (mostly photographs) in the first 260 pages and then through flyers, faxes, magazine cuttings and other materials. The relationship between the original architecture, the social systems and the music are made clear in texts by Paul Hockenos and an afterword by the (recently deceased) co-founder Regina Baer (together with Dimitri Hegemann, Achim Kohlberger, Johnnie Stieler). The graphic design, directly reminiscent of the techno magazines of the 90s, mixes the visual material with a wealth of short personal accounts by customers, staff, and DJs, describing the anecdotal as well as the sociological and historical. The material published here is all new, and lies between techno-ethnography and the history of electronic music. Tresor: True Stories – The Early Years shows how important techno is to digital culture, both as a systemic model and as a parallel soundtrack.