– Cicadas | Bells


7″ – Staalplaat

Lloyd Dunn has been releasing work under the alias since 2009. As an artist he combines multimedia with a ‘traditional’ field recordist approach, this makes sense when we consider his career more broadly. In the 80s and 90s he edited and published the graphic arts magazines ‘Photostatic’ and ‘Retrofuturism’, and he is also a founding member of the Tape-beatles, a group that focused on (and challenged) issues related to intellectual property and copyright. Cicadas | Bells is a 7” release on Staalplat and, as its name suggests, is almost entirely comprised of the sounds of cicadas and bells. The A-side belongs to the cicadas, a continuous vibration for over nine minutes instilling a rhythmic and pulsating sound that induces a suspension of time. If listening through headphones it is possible to perceive other noises in the background, however, it is difficult to distinguish what they are, perhaps a bird, or the moving of equipment, we can’t be sure. The B-side features a recording of the bells at the Transfiguration Cathedral of the Spaso-Efimeyev Monastery in Suzdal, Russia. The recordings have not been manipulated, however, perhaps they might be in the future for this is an artist who often retraces his steps and in doing so, breathes new life into his multifaceted, creative work. – Cicadas | Bells