Les 1000 vies d’Isis, as real as a photo


Les 1000 vies d’Isis is a series of photographic portraits of a woman, Isis. We see her in a driveway looking towards the sea, in her bed, in front of the mirror, waiting for someone in a café. A warm light always illuminates her as she is immersed in twilight and warm Mediterranean landscapes. Her every glance suggests a story, evokes a moment of life, nostalgia and mischief. But Isis does not exist, she is an imaginary character, an entirely digital creation, the work of photographer duo Brodbeck & de Barbuat. Isis’ hyper-realistic textures are soft and sinuous, the settings minimal and elegant, the poses so natural and spontaneous that it is hard to think of her only being alive in a digital form. Photography as an instrument of realism here is a language of representation, excessive and disarming – one gets lost looking at these images trying to find something to betray the mise-en-scène and reveal the reality of Isis’ existence but to no avail. And so we remain lost as if facing a mirror in search of an ever more perfect (in)verisimilitude. Chiara Ciociola


Brodbeck & de Barbuat – Les 1000 vies d’Isis