(edited by) Janez Fakin Janša, Marko Bauer – (re)programming | Strategies for Self-Renewal


Aksioma / Mladinski center Velenje, ISBN: 978-9617173000, English, 230 pages, 2022, Slovenia

Within the contemporary media landscape, the interview format is typically used to capture ‘momentum’ – it presents the personal opinions of a current celebrity or delivers a dose of nostalgia by interviewing famous people from the past. Nowadays, interviews are rarely collected in books, probably because they predominantly focus on the present and as such, quickly become obsolete as a consequence of the relentless cycle of networked culture. Experienced journalists, however, know how to conduct an interview that is both timeless and contemporary. Marta Peirano is certainly one of them – somebody with a long and established history of investigating and documenting the critical aspects and relationships between technology and power. This small-format book contains the transcripts of live conversations with eight acknowledged experts: Kim Stanley Robinson, Benjamin Bratton, Holly Jean Buck, Anab Jain, Kate Crawford, Joana Moll, Astra Taylor and Eyal Weizman. Together they focus on some of the most pressing issues associated with contemporary digital culture such as interdependence, community, AI, energy, privacy, accountability, and so on. These fascinating and sometimes visionary conversations are superbly edited and presented here, and are also available online in their original video interviews as part of Aksioma’s inspiring (re)programming – Strategies for Self-Renewal festival.