Pollinator Pathmaker, the Gardener is an Algorithm


Bees, butterflies, wasps, beetles and other pollinators essential for plant reproduction are the basis of our ecosystems. In the food production process, over 75% of the main agricultural crops depend on various levels of pollination performed by these animals. This trivially includes fruits and vegetables essential to human life, but also fuels, fibers such as cotton and linen, and building materials. As we sadly know, the use of pesticides, harmful species, pollution, climate change, fires and logging are triggering a terrifying decline in the number of pollinators around the world. “Pollinator Pathmaker” by artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is a living work of art, which sows, not only symbolically, a garden exclusively designed to be the most comfortable habitat possible for pollinating animals. The gardener in charge of the project is an algorithm, their advice is also available on the site of the work where, through a simple editable interface and thanks to 450 digital paintings of plants and flowers, it’s possible to create a garden to admire in 3D, learn more about plants and use the appropriate function to imagine being “on the pollinator’s side”. A user can choose to share or save the link to revisit the garden, download the planting instructions (complete with a certificate of authenticity for the modified artwork) so that each user can participate in this international cultural campaign to help save endangered pollinating insect species. In Cornwall the original garden will be in full bloom by June 2022. In the meantime countless other gardens, small and large, will be able to spring up all over the world.


Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg – Pollinator Pathmaker