Tremor, a mediated manifestation of energy


Earthquakes are usually perceived as terrifying, as the hidden force shaking the soil. Everything about it is unpredictable, unexpected and uncontrollable. But if we see its powerful seismic waves as mere frequencies, we can handle them differently. “Tremor” by Juan Sorrentino is an installation made by three oscillators in a small box, each one connected to a respective speaker releasing inaudible 3 Hz seismic waves. The speakers are facing a metal plate attached to a wall. The wall then vibrates because of the inaudible waves. Sorrentino, who often plays in his work with the material disrupting power of sound waves, has turned this potential and unforeseeable terror into a domesticated visualisation system (using a “tiny phase/time shift“). A manifestation of energy is mediated through the expansive movements of speakers and the tiny movements of the wall.


Juan Sorrentino – Tremor