Morphology of the Aerial, turbulent aesthetic system of the air


The ephemerality of sound art persists in the works of various artists who use this ephemerality in similar ways in other media. “Morphology of the Aerial” by electronic musician and a new media artist Mint Park creates air patterns and sculptures with pneumatically compressed air. It is a continuation of her earlier studies on air turbulence and uses fluid dynamics to create temporary acoustic and visual sculptures. Temporality is crucial to understanding this work, as is the role of the shooting of compressed air and the sound produced by the carefully programmed valves. The astonishment evoked by the kinetic patterns revealed and the mechanical, functional and unexpected sounds contrast, in an orchestrated way, with an underlying, abstract flow of forces. Altogether, they create an arrangement of stimuli that choreograph an aesthetic system.


Mint Park – Morphology of the Aerial ! Intimate Open Studios #2