Neural 68, Procedural Rejection + extra: Gaia Guardians zine by Patricia Domínguez


Neural 68, Procedural Rejection + extra: Gaia Guardians zine by Patricia Domínguez . Subscribe now!

Issue #68, Winter 2021 ISSN: 2037-108X

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  • Addie Wagenknecht
  • Antonia Hernández
  • Elisa Giardina Papa
  • Finn Brunton
  • Mario Santamaría
  • Sung Tieu


  • Muzak that listens
  • Just Say No


  • Xenological Entanglements. 001b: Saccular Fount, an act of resistance
  • Doors of Listening, vibrations about refugees
  • Perpétuité I, metaphysical machines
  • Horologic Solum, self-destructive media archeology
  • A Natural History of Networks / SoftMachine, electrochemical performance
  • Recurrent Morphing Radio, over-consumed streaming noise
  • Numeriser le plancher, the floor scanner
  • Unexpected Scenery, all wrapped in the sea
  • A Crack in the Hourglass, collective mourning in the sands of time
  • Antibodies, never ending video call
  • Metamorphoseon, sinister machinic forces
  • Floralia, speculative species archive
  • Log, a robotic abacus of life
  • The Solar Protocol Network, sunshine-dependent internet
  • The criticism of violence 2.0, glamour leash


  • Can the Subaltern Speak?, radical augmented gaze.


  • Anaïs Boch & Nicolas Nova / Dr. Smartphones: an ethnography of mobile phone repair shops / IDPURE
  • Anthony McCosker, Rowan Wilken / Automating Vision, The Social Impact of the New Camera Consciousness / Routledge
  • (edited by) Ann Bessemans, Marjan Doom, Frank Merkx and Nele Wynants / Overlap – The no man’s land between art and science / Komma, Uitgeverij
  • Robert Barry / Compact Disc / Bloomsbury Academic
  • Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein / Data Feminism / The MIT Press
  • Pau Waelder – You Can Be A Wealthy / Cash-Strapped Art Collector In The Digital Age – Printer Fault Press
  • Edited by Johannes Hossfeld Etyang, Joyce Nyairo, Florian Sievers / TEN CITIES, Clubbing in Nairobi, Cairo, Kyiv, Johannesburg, Berlin, Naples, Luanda, Lagos, Bristol, Lisbon 1960–March 2020 / Spector Books
  • (edited by) Domenico Quaranta and Janez Janša / Hyperemployment – Post-work, Online Labour and Automation / NERO and Aksioma
  • (edited by) Miller Puckette and Kerry L. Hagan / Between the Tracks, Musicians on Selected Electronic Music / MIT Press
  • (edited by) Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel / Critical Zones, The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth / The MIT Press
  • edited by Rui Chaves, Fernando Iazzetta / Making It Heard, A History of Brazilian Sound Art / Bloomsbury
  • (edited by) Karla Zavala & Adriaan Odendaal / Algorithms of late-capitalism, issues #1 to #4 / Internet Teapot
  • edited by Shusha Niederberger, Cornelia Sollfrank, Felix Stalder / Aesthetics of the Commons / Diaphanes
  • (edited by) Ben Vickers & K Allado-McDowell / Atlas of Anomalous AI / Ignota Books
  • (edited by) Elisa Metz / Grapefruits #01-#03 /

music reviews

  • Philippe Hallais: Awesome!: In Paradisum
  • @c: GML Variations: Crónica
  • Andy Guhl: Flatwise Huddle: Edizioni Periferia
  • Anthony Pateras: Pseudacusis: Bocian
  • Bellenger | Eisl | Wurzwallner | Zachariadis: One Hundred Thousand Copies Sold: Moozak
  • Franck Vigroux: Ballades sur lac gelé: raster
  • Furtherset: To Live Tenderly Anew: OUS
  • Geins’t Naït & L.Petitgand — Like This Maybe Or This — Ici d’ailleurs
  • Palo Alto: Difference and Repetition / A Musical Evocation Of Gilles Deleuze: Sub Rosa
  • Ivan Iusco: Synthagma: Minus Habens Records
  • Lucas Odahara with Luiz Monteiro: Cover (Something Newly Missing): Research & Wavesrec
  • Maya Verlaak & Andy Ingamells: Tape Piece: Birmingham Record Company
  • Otomax: Ways To Prepare Pets For War: MOAB
  • Prins & Simonis: Mothers Of Exit: z6records
  • Randi Pontoppidan & Thomas Buckner: Voicescapes: Chant Records
  • Julia Bünnagel: SOUNDS LIKE… VIENNA: Gruenrekorder
  • Robin Schlochtermeier: Spectral: Denovali
  • Snow Palms: Land Waves: Village Green Recordings
  • Tine Surel Lange: Works for Listening 1-10: SOFA
  • Yannis Kyriakides & Electra: Face: Unsounds