Perpétuité I, Metaphysical Machines


The concept of the loop is seminal in computer programming, and probably one of the most emblematic to the history of industrial automation. In “Perpétuité I,Felix Luque Sanchez built a mechatronic system in a loop in which one machine precisely draws the infinity symbol (∞) and another erases it at the same rate, making completion impossible. This paradoxical infinite loop is based on a perfect symbiosis. The metaphysical machines express visions, from the contemplative, never fulfilled need for infinity, to the disturbing scenario of a world without people, who nevertheless continue to function through machines. Luque Sanchez has constructed metaphysical machines throughout his career as an artist, and this work is part of a series in which there is a sense of disorientation in the face of machinic complexity. (photo credit: Grégoire Édouard)


Felix Luque Sanchez – Perpétuité I