Nuuun – Current Suite No.1


Online – NN

“Current Suite No.1″ by Nuuun is a suite of four audiovisual compositions exploring an interchangeable use of frequencies that we can both see and hear. These compositions are inspired by early 1970s video synthesizers and Scan Processors, an analog device for image processing and animation allowing the generation of video waveforms and audio content with those waveforms, and vice-versa. As experiments that celebrate “current” (voltages, frequencies, waveforms) as the common denominator of images and sounds, these compositions nurture the trio’s interest in the use of audio and video synthesizers for their live production. Released online, the four videos are available for free at low resolution, while the suite is also available for purchase in HD, at the particularly symbolic price of €6.66. This strategy, operating somewhere between fragmentation and preservation adheres to, but simultaneously disrupts the models of online music and video hosting platforms. Since they don’t seem to provide a definitive answer to the dissemination of audiovisual material, it compels us to go directly to its original creative source (and play the devil’s price). In this manner, it also seems specially aimed at the true aficionados of a creative approach that underlines the interdependent unified nature of a carefully crafted, medium-centered but sensorially refined audiovisual aesthetic. As the title suggests, it promises to be the first of (hopefully) future “suites”, which makes us look forward to celebrating the experimental nature of this kind of audiovisual work, while extending experimentation to its dissemination and distribution strategy.


Nuuun – Volterrain A


Nuuun – Needle Point