Waldian, functionalist electronic sculpture


The golden era of electronic art produced not only primordial generative artworks, screen manipulations and electronic music, but also a few custom-hardware-based sculptures, of which only a small number have been preserved. Eirik Brandal has an interest in such artefacts, creating sculptures conjugating visual and functional characteristics. “waldian” has a modernist aesthetic, and is capable of “playing a near infinite amount of melodic permutations over a predetermined musical scale”, with accompanying light patterns. Moreover, it is equipped with a “tube overdrive stage”, creating both harmonics and subharmonics based on the frequency distance between two oscillators. Part of an exhibition at the Kapelica gallery, waldian represents a functionalist aesthetics, bolstered by a customisable system, geometrically manifesting itself.


Eirik Brandal – Waldian | electronic sound and light sculpture


waldian closeups | electronic sound and light sculpture