Overlap, a spying ear in a museum


If we were able to invisibly occupy a sculptural exhibition with our eyes closed, what kind of sounds would we hear and have resonate in our minds? Natalia Domínguez Rangel’s “Overlap” is an artwork that works to answer this question. It is a sound sculpture, recording its acoustic environment and generating an electroacoustic composition. The environment is the ALLES WAR KLAR exhibition, and the artist has gathered sound material obtained from the production of the surrounding sculptures, arranged with sounds recorded during the Künstlerhaus’ renovation. They are combined with sounds produced by the movement of visitors in the space, intertwining different aural times in the same space. Part of the series “Acoustic Ecologies“, Overlap hangs from the ceiling, recording and reproducing like a sympathetic acoustic spy-


NDR – Overlap from the series of Acoustic Ecologies