On Framing Textile Ambiguities, material patterns as bonding


Nathalie Gebert’s “On Framing Textile Ambiguities” is an excellent work using textile as both medium and metaphor, and focusing on thread, for its “emancipatory potential”. It inevitably mentions the famous Jacquard loom, as an ancestor of computing systems, and associated patterns and pixels. The installation comprises a group of machines with step-motors, each one with a thread running through three different frames. A programmed pen dyes a mark/pixel, forming a pattern in the ever-running thread, which becomes visible once it flows in the frame. The process allows the viewer to see the pattern in the frame, until it flows away to re-form in the next frame. The screen/frames and the animated patterns become a metaphor for the embodiment of information and the bond between them, resonating and forming through the constant connection between the elements.


Nathalie Gebert – On Framing Textile Ambiguities