VVAA – Deconceptual Voicings


Vinyl 12″ – Slimvolume

This vinyl production references modernist experimentalism and is largely influenced by the tradition of spoken word and sound poetry. The tracks are interdisciplinary and proto-multimedia art forms, here developed by artists such as Martha Rosler, Ed Ruscha, Andrea Fraser, Sol LeWitt, Shilpa Gupta, Art and Language, Lawrence Weiner and Yvonne Rainer. Deconceptual Voicings is made of single tracks composed of interviews, recorded mainly as a complement to the movie Conceptual Paradise (2003-2005) by Stefan Römer. The director made use of deep exchanges about conceptual art and created some fundamental proofs of this stylistic approach, a form of art without subject, completely speculative and focused on limited topics. The declarations he collected were later selected and transformed into a musical composition. Following the nature of the research, the work offers a non-neutral transposition, with fragments of sounds, syllables and consonants transformed into rhythmical schemes, while slogan, declarations and some passages of text were sampled into unconventional and unpredictable sung-spoken forms. This is a kind of global polyphony of positions and sounds, elegant and well arranged, sweetly subversive, but definitely not functional now, given the current trends of art. The project is based on an idea by Stefan Römer and Marc Matter (concept and composition), featured by Lizzie Davis (sound engineering) and Dirk Lebahn (graphic design) and kindly supported by Musikfonds, a Berlin institution that promotes the contemporary music in all its genres, complexity and diversity. The album was released on joint by Mount Analogue (Stockholm) and Slimvolume (London) in a 500 copy edition. The cover image belongs to Ed Ruscha.


Stefan Roemer, Marc Matter – Deconceptual Voicings