Anders Monrad – Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus


12″ vinyl – BIN

Anders Monrad is quite frank about the bizarre combinations that characterize the making of his third album: “These tracks are based on time stretched sounds created using my first, early attempt at programming a granular synthesizer in Pure Data. For this synthesizer, I inadvertently implemented a typical “beginners-error” in the algorithm, by basing the “scroll function” (which reads pre-recorded audio files at varying speeds) on a “control” object, rather than a “dsp”-object. This causes a discrepancy between the control data (which transmits control messages in a “coarser resolution”) and the actual dsp-based algorithm (working by continuous streams of data)”. Paradoxically, the effect these time gaps caused in the sound sequences were not completely useless and had a kind of hypnotic charm, particularly discreet in the case of the highly dilated sounds. This functional mistake created a sort of mumbling, a glitch of the rhythmic structure Monrad used for the first time in a sound design project at the exhibition Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus in 2014, an installation by the visual artist Jacob Tækker at the gallery Cph in Overgaden. An undesired disruption produced a controlled aesthetic and musical experiment. The following step naturally consisted in adapting the sounds to this kind of technique. The result was six different tracks. Apart from the granular synthesizer, Monrad also employed the sounds of two other synths developed for this specific research. These additional sounds are included in tracks 2 and 4 (and also in the 6, “Σ k k = 1”, which is actually the sum of all the other 5 tracks overlapping). Overall there is a developed spatial character, but the general atmosphere is abstract and conceptual. The transparent blue vinyl of the edition maybe wants to pay homage to the exhibition by Jacob Tækkera, sci-fi author and creator of alternative worlds. The LP is published by BIN by Jonas Olesen, a Danish composer and coordinator of the music education plan Nordic Sound Art.


Anders Monrad – Apophenia Cloud Travel Apparatus #2